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Owner Nicole Bias
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How this all came about...

Growing up, my mother always made really fun cakes for me and my older brother. They were absolutely fabulous and I loved helping her in any way I could. She was always kind, patient, and lighthearted. I know that she is the reason my siblings and I have all this creativity inside of us!
While I was working at a craft store in high school, I took a couple of the Wilton cake decorating classes and started making fun cakes for family just as she did (she still helps me sometimes!). I started to teach myself different techniques and really began developing a passion for creating things with fondant. In 2012, I sold my first cake. It was a gender reveal cake and I had no idea what I was doing but the family absolutely loved it! I was hooked from then on.

A little bit about me...

My name is Nicole Bias and I sell custom cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and fondant creations out of my home in Purcellville, VA. 

I operate under Virginia Cottage Food Laws and would be thrilled to make something amazing for you and am more than happy to deliver. Please allow at least 1 month of notice for orders. Sometimes less notice can be accommodated but it makes the planning process go much smoother.

If you live outside of Virginia, please visit my Etsy shop for fondant creations. Keep in mind, all fondant products purchased online are for the purpose of decoration. They are not for resale and are prepared and processed without state inspection. So, consume at your own risk. 

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