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Pricing Information

Custom decorated cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and fondant work are not "just cake". They are edible works of art! It takes many hours to complete each order and they are charged accordingly. 

Cake pricing is based on serving size and design. Toppers, 3D figures, large range of colors, tiered cakes, and carved cakes will increase price. Quotes may vary as the design evolves during discussions. Delivery and stand rentals are available for an additional fee based on location and quantity.
Please contact me directly for pricing on semi-naked cakes or cakes with buttercream ONLY. Pricing below is based on party serving sizes; wedding serving sizes will vary. All pricing listed here includes a small amount of fondant work.

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum cake order $100

Minimum order for cupcakes, cake pops, & sugar cookies - 2 dozen

Round Cakes:
4": $45-$55 (serves 4-6)

6": $85-$95 (serves 10-12)
8": $140-$160 (serves 18-20)

9": $165-$190 (serves 20-24)
10": $200-$225 (serves 24-28)
12": $280-$320 (serves 36-40)
14": $430-$490 (serves 58-62)

$40/dozen without embellishments.
$50/dozen with small embellishments or special piping techniques
$60/dozen with flat fondant embellishments.
$70/dozen with 3D fondant embellishments.

Cake Pops:
Individual bags available for $2.50/dozen

Decorated Sugar Cookies:


Individual bags available for $2.50/dozen

**Fondant is used for cookie decorating. Please see photos for examples.**

Square Cakes:
6": $85-$95 (serves 9-12)
8": $140-$160 (serves 16-20)
10": $210-$240 (serves 25-30)
12": $335-$385 (serves 44-48)

Spherical Cake: 
-ie. 3D ball- 

4": $40-$50 (serves about 6)

half size: $20-$25 (serves about 3)
6": $110-$130 (serves about 16) 
half size: $55-$65 (serves about 8)
8": $280-$320 (serves about 40)
half size: $140-$160 (serves about 20)

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